Jackie Kennedy Fleur de Lis Cross Necklace

Jackie Kennedy Fleur de Lis Cross Necklace
Item# jackie-kennedy-fleur-de-lis-cross-necklace

Product Description

Jacqueline Kennedy had an affinity for collecting beautiful cross jewelry and acquired over 300 in her lifetime. Family and friends gave them to her as gifts and she added to this collection as she traveled the world. It is noted that When Caroline Kennedy was a little girl in the White House she wore a cross every day. President John F. Kennedy protested this particular piece of jewelry stating his concern for the separation of church and state. In Jackie’s strength and wisdom, she countered with the fact that they – the First lady and the President of the United States must adhere to this rule but their daughter was not a public official. Caroline was therefore allowed to wear cross jewelry and to this day continues to wear cross jewelry daily. The Winding Ruby Cross Necklace was just one of the 300 hundred in her cherished collection.

GEM: CZ Rubies NECKLACE AND CROSS: Solid .925 Silver with Rhodium plating